The purpose of the Youth Case Management program is to provide for the administration of juvenile dockets in order to hold youth offenders accountable for their actions.

We are here to assist with the legal process in which a juvenile (ages 11-16) enters once he or she has been alleged of a violation.  We help by offering individualized service for each case as well as offering other programs to help educate the youth about criminal charges and the impact that they can make.

Programs We Offer

Teen Court is alternative program that allows juvenile offenders the opportunity to experience the justice system.  Offenders who are deferred to the program will participate in a mock trial and go through the whole process including sentencing.

Traffic Safety Class is a program offered to juvenile offenders who have received a ticket for traffic related violations.  Students who attend this class will receive facts and guidance on the real dangers that go along with having a driver's license.

If you have questions regarding the programs or want to register or have other questions, please contact us.