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The 'Affordability Unlocked' Development Bonus Program waives or modifies some development restrictions in exchange for providing low- and moderate-income housing.

The Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) regularly partners with non-profit and for-profit affordable housing developers through a competitive solicitation process (referred to as a Request for Proposal, or RFP) to develop AHFC-owned properties with rental and owner-occupied housing reserved for low-income households.

Learn more about previous and upcoming Affordable Housing Projects below.

Helping to make homes accessible for persons with disabilities & senior Austinites

Architectural barriers are physical elements of a home that can make it difficult to easily enter, leave or move around your home. Eligible homeowners and renters can receive up to $15,000 for improvements.

The City’s Strategic Housing Blueprint, adopted by Council in 2017, is a 10-year plan to help align resources and facilitate community partnerships around a single, strategic vision to create 60,000 affordable housing units for those making less than 80% of the median family income and ensure that there is affordable housing throughout the city. 

The City of Austin has an opportunity to help an underserved East Austin community create a vibrant plan for more than 200 publicly-owned acres in Colony Park.

Fair housing is a federally mandated right that prohibits discrimination in housing choice.

The Federal Fair Housing Act protects anyone from being limited in their housing choice based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender/sex, familial status and disability.

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Helping to fix serious structural issues for Austin homeowners.
GO REPAIR! addresses substandard housing conditions to make safe and barrier-free homes for Austinites. Low-income families struggling to make required home repairs may be eligible. Grants are up to $20,000 to fix structural issues for homeowners.

The Housing & Planning Department has several home repair programs for income-eligible Austinites. These programs help with home repairs and modifications with the goal to help Austinites stay in their homes.


The Housing and Planning Department and the Austin Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC—a public, nonprofit corporation of the City of Austin) use funding tools and regulatory incentives to encourage both for-profit and non-profit developers to create affordable housing. Both funding and/or regulatory incentives support developers to create affordable multi-family or single-family housing.


The Austin Housing Trust Fund supports the development and rehabilitation of owner occupied homes, rental housing development, and acquisition of property for use as affordable housing.

The Austin City Council dedicates 40 percent of City property tax revenues from the developments that have been built on previously City-owned land towards affordable housing.  The Trust Fund was established in 1999, and the City Council seeded the fund with $1 million annually for three years to jumpstart it.

Long-term housing generally refers to home ownership, whether it be individual homes or subdivisions, or multi-unit properties (e.g., duplexes, condominiums, etc.).  Availability of reasonably priced housing can be important to ensuring the affordability in communities citywide. The City of Austin strategically provides resources to help in the construction and preservation of such housing, as outlined below:

Under the State of Texas 2020 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP), 4% Tax Credit Applicants seeking an award of Low Income Housing Tax Credits must include one or more Resolutions from the local governing body with their application to Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).  The current applications for the City of Austin applications are below.

Application Number Development Information Packet or Application Withdrawn


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Helping Austinites make their homes safe

Austinites whose homes present health or safety hazards may need financial assistance.  This program helps eligible homeowners to make critical and necessary repairs. Minor Home Repair Grants are up to $5,000 per home.

Commercial revitalization creates opportunities in the East 11th Street and 12th Street corridors, which has led to an improved and culturally rich area. Businesses located in the two commercial/retail buildings provide services and opportunities for private investment.

The revitalization effort uses a combination of federal, local and private resources to improve the quality of life for the community. The redevelopment plan, which has been the instrument in the revitalization area, is slated for completion in 2018.

Ending homelessness with a sensible, safe, stable housing approach.

NHCD’s Planning, Policy and Outreach (PPO) division works city-wide planning initiatives to increase housing affordability and conducts community outreach, educational forums, citizen engagement, and research on housing and community development issues impacting the City of Austin.

Resources for Contractors

NHCD utilizes qualified housing and/or HVAC contractors for the Housing Rehabilitation, architectural barrier removal, and sewage drain lateral lines. NHCD’s Construction Division also conducts HQS (Housing Quality Standards) and Lead Inspections as part of the DPA and home repair programs. The division also oversees home rehabilitation/repairs and all new construction that NHCD/AHFC funds.

The Housing & Planning Department manages programs and partnerships to help Austinites looking to buy a home.

Rental Assistance

More than half of Austinites are renters, and should be aware of the broad resources available to them for securing safe, fair, and affordable housing. If you rent, or are looking to rent, Housing and Planning has collected the information and referrals below to assist you. Unfortunately, we are not able to individually respond to questions about specific situations, or provide legal advice, but many problems can be avoided by following the suggestions below or contacting the appropriate agencies listed.

City of Austin and Section 3

NHCD manages a number of projects for the Austin community, including acting as receiving agent for U.S. HUD funding,  directing commercial and urban revitalization to underserved areas, and improving the quality of life for the community.