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The Administrative Division provides customer service support to NHCD and AHFC staff.

The Client Services division works on home repair and financial empowerment efforts to get qualified buyers into homes, allow current homeowners and renters to safely stay in their homes with home modifications, and to increase economic well-being.

The Construction division conducts HQS (Housing Quality Standards) and Lead Inspections as part of the DPA and home repair programs. The division also oversees home rehabilitation/repairs and all new construction that NHCD/AHFC funds.

Contract Administration, a division of NHCD, is responsible for developing, managing and monitoring public service contract, interagency contracts and grants distributed by NHCD and AHFC.

Provides financing to developers of affordable rental and ownership housing


This office oversees all planning, operations, and compliance activities at NHCD. The office also serves as a point of contact with the City Manager’s office and City Council Members.

This division works with reporting and systems management, payment processing, accounting, and budget planning and forecasting.

Monitoring, a division of NHCD, is responsible for grant management, loans servicing and monitoring of loans, contracts and grants funded by NHCD and AHFC.

NHCD’s Planning, Policy and Outreach (PPO) division works on department and city-wide planning initiatives, with a focus on short-term and long-range planning for increasing housing affordability in the City of Austin.

Implements the City's Developer Incentive Programs as well as the development and revitalization of the East 11th and 12th Street corridor