The unit is responsible for clearing traffic hazards, investigating crashes and enforcing traffic laws and City Ordinances on all the high-speed roadways within the city limits of Austin. Enforcement operations and unit deployments are based upon statistical analysis of collision and other data. The primary purpose of the HRT is to reduce accidents, save lives, and facilitate the safe and efficient movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the City.

Unit members focus their attention on enforcement in order to calm city traffic and prevent accidents. They watch for aggressive drivers and enforce moving violations, like speeding, following too closely, and failing to obey traffic lights and stop signs, which are violations that often contribute to traffic accidents and injuries. Officers operate marked police vehicles for high-visibility enforcement and “stealth” traffic units designed to target aggressive drivers. These units are equipped with speed detection devices, such as radar and laser. The Highway Response Team may also be utilized for any other special situation which requires traffic control, such as major accidents, structure fires/explosions, crowd control, or escorts. Click to see their current innovative programs.

Contact Information:

Highway Enforcement Main Number 512-974-5789