Presentando su Denuncia (Spanish Citizen Complaints)

To begin a court case, forms are available for filing complaints concerning traffic code/insurance violations, noisy animals, or other issues.

Complete the forms fully and:

File the forms through the mail: Sign the forms in front of a notary and mail the notarized forms to an Austin Municipal Court Location.


File in person:  Complete the forms but do not sign them until you are in front of an Austin Municipal Court clerk at an Austin Municipal Court Location.

The information and affidavit will be reviewed by the Prosecutors’ Office to determine if a criminal case should be filed. If there is insufficient information concerning the alleged criminal conduct or the accused, the complaint will be rejected. If the case is accepted, it will be set for trial and the person filing the complaint will be notified to appear in court as a witness. The Prosecutors’ Office will inform the person filing the complaint if the case is rejected.