Downtown Austin is everyone’s neighborhood.  It is where people gather for celebrations, where we exercise our most basic American freedom of public speech, and where we come to meet one another - by plan and by chance.  It is a place where we make that vital connection with one another as part of the larger community.  Downtown conveys our values and aspirations, both to ourselves and to the outside world.  As a place, Downtown is the most vivid and authentic expression of our history and culture; it is the soul of our region, a place like no other.  For over 25 years Economic Development Department staff have worked closely with public and private sector partners to make downtown a vibrant and inclusive place for all Austinites.

Downtown Austin Plan

The Downtown Austin Plan captures and develops the community's vision for Downtown, and creates the best implementation strategies for achieving that vision.  See more information on the the Downtown Austin Plan here.

Maintenance & Operations Public Improvement Districts (PIDs)

Public Improvement Districts are important economic development mechanisms that help stabilize commercial business districts and promote business growth along Austin commercial corridors and in activity centers.  PIDs are organized locally by property owners and businesses, but the legal authority to assess all property requires the formal authorization of the PID by the City Council.  Three Maintenance and Operations (M&O) PIDs have been created to provide additional services to the districts supplemental to those provided by the City. 

Downtown Commission

The Redevelopment Division provides staff support to the Downtown Commission, who advises the City Council and City staff regarding policies and projects impacting downtown Austin; serves as stewards for the Downtown Austin Plan; maintains liaison relationships with city staff and other boards and commissions; and performs other activities as directed by the City Council.