1.    Short Term Rentals – 23-4E-4310 The current code draft does not contain the STR policy that Council adopted in 2015 and amended in 2016.  When the code is updated, it will contain the correct language per Council action.

2.    Accessory Dwelling Unit – 23-4E-6030 – the floor area is incorrect and should read “whichever is lesser of 1,100 sq.ft. or FAR of 0.15 shall apply”.

3.    Calendar days –  23-1A-5020 (G) (Part 3)– reference to days should be “business days” instead of “calendar days” unless otherwise indicated.

4.    McMansion – Building size: the draft code addresses the size of the principal building in the conventional zones as being the more restrictive shall apply of the gross floor area maximum being 2300 and the maximum FAR of 0.4.  The correct language will read: “the less restrictive of 2300 or 0.4 FAR shall apply”.

5.    Deed Restrictions – CodeNEXT does not supersede private deed restrictions in effect at the time of occupancy.  Private deed restrictions are a civil matter enforced by the parties named in the deed such as HOA’s or neighborhood association.  Nor does a private deed restriction override the City’s Land Development Code. The City does enforce deed restrictions they are a party to and have a vested interest.