Under State Local Government Code Chapter 176, “local government officers” are required to file Conflicts Disclosure Statement Form CIS when a relevant conflict exists.

City Officials Affected By Chapter 176

“Local government officers” includes Council Members, local government corporation board members, the City Manager, and employees who exercise discretion in the planning, recommending, selecting, or contracting of a vendor.

Form CIS can be downloaded here.  The completed form must be notarized and may be mailed, hand-delivered, or emailed to the City Clerk’s office.

Under state law, a relevant conflict exists when there is:
• An employment relationship between the officer or a family member of the officer and a vendor
• A receipt of gifts by the officer or a family member of the officer from a vendor (note that City of Austin gift laws prohibit most gifts to local government officers), or
• A family relationship between the officer and a vendor.

City Officials Include

  • Stephen Adler, Mayor
  • Delia Garza, Mayor Pro Tem
  • Alison Alter, Council Member
  • Greg Casar, Council Member
  • Paige Ellis, Council Member
  • Jimmy Flannigan, Council Member
  • Natasha Harper-Madison, Council Member
  • Ann Kitchen, Council Member
  • Leslie Pool ,Council Member
  • Sabino Renteria, Council Member
  • Kathie Tovo, Council Member
  • Spencer Cronk, City Manager, AIDC
  • Jannette Goodall, City Clerk, AHFC, AIDC
  • Art Alfaro, AIDC
  • Lucia Athens, WC
  • Timmie Bui, AR
  • Greg Canally, AIDC
  • Deborah Taylor King, AR
  • Dr. Suzanne Piper, AR
  • Jesus Garza, WC
  • Rebecca Giello, VLT
  • Vera Givens, AR
  • Rodney Gonzales, WC
  • Rudy Green, WC
  • Dr. Chiquita Eugene, AR
  • Kevin Johns, AIDC
  • Joe Pantalion, VLT
  • Nelson Linder, AR
  • Allan Shearer, WC
  • Martha Smiley, WC
  • Carla Steffen, WC
  • Rosie Truelove, AHFC
  • Melba Whatley, WC
  • Barry Franklin, AR
  • Department Directors
  • City Board Members


Local Government Corporations