The Capital Area Security Council (CASC) is a group of businesses and public and private security personnel joined to assist area businesses in reducing losses through the proper application of effective security measures.

The CASC was formed in the spring of 1973 and works in conjunction with the Austin Police Department. Members of the council serve on any one of two standing committees: CRIME ALERT System or Loss Prevention. The council meets monthly for a program of instruction / information and luncheon. We welcome and encourage your participation in the activities of the council. If you are interested in becoming an active member,, please contact the CASC. Annual dues are $25.

A major function of the CASC is a CRIME ALERT phone system that warns participating members of situations that would cause a business or financial loss. It helps businesses in reducing losses from worthless or forged checks, stolen or worthless credit cards and shoplifting. Theft and forgery cannot be stopped completely, but with so many businesses joined together in this effort, these practices can and have been curtailed.

Since the program’s first year, hundreds of alerts have been sent to businesses. Many shoplifters, credit card thieves and check forgers were apprehended and prosecuted as either a direct or indirect result of the system. More importantly, countless other incidents of retail-related crime have been thwarted through the system.

Any member of the Capital Area Security Council is eligible to participate. It is important that you submit name(s) of the responsible personnel who will be the CRIME ALERT system contacts for your business, so they can be added to the membership list.

Any member who has knowledge of or has received or seen stolen or worthless credit cards, forged or worthless checks or shoplifters reports the offense and all pertinent information to the Police Department. The department verifies the violation and information and transmits it into recorders. CASC members may obtain information by dialing a phone number given only to members. Each member is responsible for giving alert information to store employees and units.