This is a partnership between the Watershed Protection and Parks and Recreation Departments. The project will help clean stormwater from upstream development and improve water quality in Williamson Creek. Visite esta página en español.

The project will also add play value and accessible concrete trails to the park.


The project has reached substantial completion, an important construction milestone. This means all the major construction is complete and a one-year warranty period has begun. The new concrete walking trail is now open. Please follow City of Austin "Stay Home-Work Safe Order" when using it -- maintain physical distancing and wear a face covering outside when it is not possible to consistently maintain six feet of physical distancing. The new playing field and areas with new landscaping will be off limits for a year to allow the plants to get established.

Project Features

  • New multi-purpose playing field that holds and filters stormwater when it rains.
  • New paved walkways and pedestrian bridge.
  • Removal of culvert, restoring the natural stream.
  • Native trees and plants to replace invasive species.
  • Repairs to adjacent sidewalk on Sheraton Ave.

Playing Field

The project will create a new, multi-purpose playing field within Battle Bend Neighborhood Park. The field is designed to filter and clean stormwater naturally.  Most of the time, the field will add play value to the park. When the field is dry, it can be used for informal recreational play. When it rains, the field will fill with water. As the field drains, it will help filter out pollutants. The field is designed to drain after a couple of days of dry weather, so mosquitoes don’t get a chance to breed. This field will be built in the underused southern part of the park near the picnic tables.

Battle Bend Park


Battle Bend Neighborhood Park, 121 Sheraton Ave. Austin, Texas 78745, at the intersection of Sheraton Ave. and Suburban Drive

Public Meeting

There was a public meeting in January 2017.



Please reach out to Tomas Rodriguez, Project Manger, at 512-974-7730. If you would like to receive occasional email updates on this project, please email Stephanie Lott or call 512-974-2799.