The Austin-Antalya Sister City Committee is focused on facilitating intercultural and interfaith dialogue. Antalya is home to polytheists, Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and thus has a tradition of peaceful coexistence among faiths.

Antalya, the capital of its province, stretches along the rocky coastline of Antalya Bay. The economy is fueled by agriculture, tourism, and light industrial production.

Partnership Outcomes:

  • The Texas-Antalya Friendship Commemorative Forest, opened with funds raised in Texas to aid Antalya after a large forest fire
  • Turkic-Texan Friendship Reception
  • Turkish language classes at ACC and recognition of Turkish as an official foreign language by the Texas Education Agency

Additional Information

Please contact Mehmet Candas for more information about the Austin-Antalya sister city relationship. More information can also be found at

See the complete list of Austin's sister cities at the Sister and Friendship Cities Program main page.