Reducing the size of trash containers, or frequency of trash pick-up, may offset some or all of the costs of adding recycling services. Contact your current service provider to discuss trash, recycling and composting service options. Find a list of licensed service providers here.

Office equipment companies, janitorial supply retailers, and home improvement stores offer a variety of recycling containers. Consider standardizing container colors to keep it simple:

  • Black = landfill trash
  • Blue = recycling
  • Green = organics/compost

Austin Resource Recovery can provide businesses with waste assessments, resources, and education.  Site Assessment Visits are complementary and include a starter kit and sample bin types to help jumpstart or expand your recycling program. Contact Austin Resource Recovery’s Business Outreach Team at to schedule a visit.

What Do I Do With... is an A to Z recycling, reusing, and composting guide for City of Austin residential curbside customers. Other Austin residents and businesses can consult for additional resources and information on local recycling and reuse facilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Austin Resource Recovery’s Business Outreach Team at