New sidewalks are funded both by private development and through City of Austin Capital Project Delivery projects. When a new private development project is constructed, the developer is required to provide sidewalks. This requirement also applies to most redevelopment projects. City CIP projects that involve full street reconstruction also generally include pedestrian and sidewalk improvements. Want to learn more about sidewalk funding? View a helpful handout that breaks down the history of sidewalks in Austin, the state of the sidewalks, how sidewalks are funded and built, benefits and how you can get involved to make a difference.

In addition the City CIP program, there are also standalone Sidewalk construction and rehabilitation projects. These projects are typically funded through voter-approved bonds, but also receive funding from state and federal grants and from the City of Austin sidewalk fee-in-lieu program.

The City of Austin Sidewalk Master Plan has a prioritization matrix for new sidewalk projects that includes the following factors:

  • How far are the nearby schools, major employers, transit stops, government offices, public accommodations and public housing?
  • How many people live in the area?
  • Are there already existing sidewalks in the area?
  • How busy is the street?
  • Has a request been made? (Has the request been made by the ADA task force, as part of an Adopted Neighborhood Plan, or by a neighborhood resident?)
  • Have there been reported pedestrian safety concerns?

Using this decision matrix, the Sidewalk Program’s limited budget is used to achieve maximum benefits.

Submit your request by calling Austin 3-1-1 or by entering it online or by using the Austin 3-1-1 app. Please provide the location and extent of the requested improvements. If you provide your contact information, City of Austin staff will follow up and provide feedback about funding availability.

Yes. There are a couple of different ways you can look further into upcoming and current sidewalk projects:

1 | Sidewalk Improvement Projects can be viewed through a quarterly report map that shows you where sidewalk improvement projects are active, completed and planned as part of the Sidewalk Master Plan and ADA Transition Plan. Within the report, the map highlights where bus stop improvements are complete.

2 | You can view a map-based display through the new CIVIC website which provides information on current projects funded in whole or in part by the bond programs from 2013, 2012, 2010, 2006 and earlier. 

Want more information on how sidewalks are funded, built, facts about the current state of sidewalks in Austin and more? View our helpful handout.

Let's take a walk: A look at Sidewalks in Austin. View a helpful handout that breaks down the history of sidewalks in Austin, the state of the sidewalks, how sidewalks are funded and built, benefits and how you can get involved to make a difference. 

The sidewalk fee in lieu allows for developers to pay a fee in lieu of building sidewalks if the project meets a certain criteria within the Land Development Code, Chapter 25-6-354. Should the criteria be met, the developer pays the fee. The money collected, is then set-aside in a fund for future sidewalk construction in the area. The City of Austin will then notify the Neighborhood Contact Team in the area if an application for fee-in-lieu is approved as part of a new subdivision, site plan, or building permit.

Learn more about sidewalk fee in lieu.

View the 2009 Sidewalk Master Plan here (pdf).  For additional resources and information about City of Austin sidewalks, visit