Work Continues on Walnut Creek Trail System

Feb 6, 2015 - 2:36 pm

Map of Proposed TrailProgress continues on the Walnut Creek Trail System. Phase 1 consists of the design and construction of a new trail on the Walnut Creek Greenbelt. The trail will connect Balcones District Park to Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Construction consists of a 10' wide concrete trail with 2' shoulders. The trail has approximately 9 creek crossings and 4 trail heads. 

Phase 2 of the trail will originate in Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park and end in the vicinity of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality offices, located at IH-35 and Walnut Creek. The trail will be around 1.8 miles in length and will consist of a 10' wide concrete trail with 2' shoulders. This portion of the trail will have approximately 4 creek crossings and 2 trail heads.

For more information on construction progress visit the updated information release on the City's website.