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Barton Springs Hackathon!

Barton Springs Hackathon
Friday, March 3, 2017 9am-4pm
UT Texas Advanced Computing Center, Pickle Campus

From Supercomputers to Salamanders
Barton Springs is one of the jewels of Austin. As an important water resource that is part of the Edwards Aquifer, it is one of the most well-studied groundwater systems with a wide range of data and scientific information that contribute to decisions for protecting the Barton Springs Salamander and triggering drought conditions to protect drinking water supply for more than 60,000 individuals who depend on groundwater resources. Monitoring wells, creek flow stations, and precipitation allows us to track conditions within the Edwards Aquifer, but the data is not easily accessible.
The District has teamed up with the Texas Advanced Computing Center to host the first Barton Springs Hackathon! With support from the Hill Country Alliance, the Hackathon will be a fun day to learn, teach, and help make data more accessible.

A Hackathon to Save Our Springs
Here’s where you can help – we need everybody from coders to scientists to educators that can unlock the information collected from a large network of monitoring sites and help well owners and central Texas residents understand the groundwater system that feeds Barton Springs. Join a project team and lend your expertise to the challenge!

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