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Austin TechHire Initiative Community: Outlining Goals, Creating Ladders of Job Opportunities

On March 10, 2015, President Obama announced his TechHire initiative, “a bold multi-sector effort and call to action to empower Americans with the skills they need, through universities and community colleges but also non-traditional approaches like “coding bootcamps,” and high-quality online courses that can rapidly train workers for a well-paying job, often in just a few months.” According to the TechHire initiative page on

Earlier this year, Austin joined the nation-wide ranks when it was designated as a TechHire Community. Over the past 4 months, The City of Austin’s TechHire education organizations, businesses and community partners have focused on specifying and outlining its TechHire community's goals. Thus far, numerous meetings have been structured with small to medium sized Central Texas businesses to discuss their hiring challenges and identify what particular detailed skill sets are in high demand.  These meetings have included Higher State Technology as well as numerous local business such as MicroMain Corporation.

After an array of conversations and meetings, a collection of skill sets focused on infrastructure installation, maintenance, engineering, entry and junior level software engineering skills have been defined.  Education organizations including ACC as well as various built-in Austin "coding boot camps" such as MakerSquare have gathered these collections of skill sets and collaborated with TechHire’s business partners to cultivate proposed curriculum programs as well as suggested hiring talent pipelines in prospect to advance ecosystems that draw connections between the programs. By showing the connections, job seekers and hiring businesses can better navigate the programs to find training and workers that fit their needs.

“The TechHire Initiative will help us create the best, most-effective job training ecosystem in the country. Austin is good at creating jobs. This will make us better at getting our own people ready to take those jobs,” said Mayor Adler.

TechHire expects to hold an advisory committee meeting on October to review the proposals from these working groups. For more information about Austin’s TechHire Community. Please visit:

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