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This month, the AustinGo team completed our ninth ‘Sprint.’

A ‘Sprint’ is a six- to eight-week work session in which the communications and technology teams work together on strategic goals to bring increased functionality, structure, and appeal to

Below is a list of some of the great new updates to the site:

Background Color

In mid-September, there will be some major design modifications that are intended to keep our site on-pace with best design practices. We will be eliminating the background color on all pages, replacing the color background with standard white.

Formatting Issues

We addressed several formatting, alignment and spacing issues throughout our design templates giving the site a cleaner, more consistent look.

Portal Pages

  • Aligned the action menu at the top of the site with the logo
  • Updated the bottom gray navigation bar and the feature banner box to have square-shaped, instead of rounded, corners to match the content boxes below them
  • Adjusted the margins/spacing around the header boxes to fit within the outside box consistently
  • In the "Looking Ahead" section, adjusted times to fall directly beneath the event title

Department Homepages

  • Aligned the search box and the action menu
  • Aligned the to of the left menu with the department banner image
  • Eliminated slight indent and adjusted spacing between headers and paragraphs
  • Improved spacing in the "Upcoming Events" section

See the full CSS Update report.

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The AustinGo team has completed our eighth ‘Sprint.’

A ‘Sprint’ is a six- to eight-week work session in which the communications and technology teams work together on strategic goals to...


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